About Us American Office Performance System

American Office Performance System (AOPS)

We utilize the American Office Performance System (AOPS) for all installation projects.

A modified version of the Herman Miller Performance System, AOPS is a continuous improvement process designed to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and deliver on-time. AOPS begins with design and order entry. Your order is processed based on how we want the product placed on the truck, off-loaded, staged, and installed. This process minimizes handling, and maximizes cost and time savings.

AOPS Installation benefits include:

  • Accurate Design and Order Entry: Installation planning starts with our design protocol for labeling and ordering the bill of materials.
  • Efficient Staging and Off-Loading: Product is loaded on the trucks in the way that we want product staged, with frames off loaded first and components such as accessories last. Items are rolled onto the jobsite on dollies for faster installation.
  • Clean, Organized, and Safe Site Conditions: Packaging is minimized and is removed on the truck so it doesn’t clutter a job site.
  • Precise Installation Technique: Our team follows a uniform installation technique that includes marking off areas with chalk and a piece-by-piece construction of the workstation.
  • Reliable Schedule: We track the time it takes to build a workstation and seek out opportunities for improvement.
  • Improved quality: Through this process, accuracy is improved resulting in the minimization of the punch list.