Our Leaders

We work as a team to help design the best solution.

American Office is an experienced team of professionals—over 200 employees in seven sales offices and three distribution centers—collaborating to get the job done the right way. We have over 80 years of knowledge and expertise under our belts working with commercial organizations, healthcare, education, government, and non-profits.

  • David Kuntz President LinkedIn

  • Michael Kuntz Senior Vice President LinkedIn

  • Patricia Norman Director of Sales - Baltimore LinkedIn

  • Sara Dechowitz Director of Marketing LinkedIn

  • Lisa Geier Contracts Manager LinkedIn

  • Vinny Avallone Director of Technology LinkedIn

  • Ben Kuntz Chairman of the Board

  • Serge Socolar Director of Design LinkedIn

  • Matthew Kelly Director of Sales - Washington, D.C. and Rockville, MD LinkedIn

  • Denise Ebert Carlston Director of Sales - Chantilly, VA LinkedIn

  • Greg Parsons Director of Sales - Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach LinkedIn

  • Rick Starner Director of Distribution Services LinkedIn

  • Tommy Mannion Installation/AOPS Manager, Baltimore

  • Jessica Barno Director of Sales, Architectural Walls LinkedIn

  • Valerie Clash Director of Project Management Services LinkedIn