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We make spaces worthy of your best work.

We all know true. True is a promise kept. A square deal. An arrow that points us to our true north. Like a compass, we believe in the integrity of true and the strength that comes from being firmly grounded. That’s our approach and our promise to you—to orchestrate a space with rigor that’s delivered with integrity and is worthy of your best work. Because we believe honest work builds a better workplace. In everything we do at American Office, we’re committed to true: true to form, true to our word, and true to you.

Loyal, like family.

As a family-owned business, we understand the power of relationships and the potential of people willing to stand by your side. We bring that attitude to every project.

You can rest assured we’ll always have your back, tell it to you straight, and never quit until the job is done right. That’s our promise to you and to each other. Welcome to the AO family.

Integrity that means something.

When we ask our clients what they like about us, they consistently say we’re reliable, dependable, and dedicated. In short, they trust us. We’re honored.

We know trust is hard to come by because it’s earned, not sold. And after 87 years of staying true to our original beliefs—work hard, have integrity, and always deliver—we see how we’re different. Because in our business, promises happen over a handshake, a contract, and a phone call. And when we give you our word, it’s something you can count on. Just ask our clients.

Under Control.

We’ll admit it: we’re detail people. And that’s a good thing for you. Because when it comes to a complex project, like helping you orchestrate a customized space that pushes your work forward, success is all in the details, and there’s no room for error.

From consulting on your options to installing your perfect environment, we think through every detail and manage every aspect. In the end, your space is exactly what you need, delivered exactly when you need it. Controlling every detail and making it happen? Yep, we’ll own that.