Baltimore Showroom

1801 Porter Street, Suite 100, Baltimore, MD, 21230

Baltimore1801 Porter Street

We moved into our Calvert street location in the '30s. We started with one building, bought the building next door, and then combined two buildings. We've renovated several times, but we hadn't really touched our interior since the '90s.

Our old space functioned as an office but not as a showroom. We were able to get work done, but we weren't proud of our space. We weren't as productive as we knew we could be.

Our new design is a Living Office. We have settings that support the different types of activites we do throughout the day. Many of us have sit-to-tand workspaces. We can gather in Coves, meet in our Plaza, and tackle projects in our Clubhouse.

Our new design also allow us to more easily engage with our customers. We are better equipped to showcase products and demonstrate their real life applications. It's been a wonderful change, and our customers have responded positively.