Chantilly Showroom

14801 Willard Road, Suite 100, Chantilly, VA 20151

Chantilly Full Size Render

We moved into our Chantilly space as the first tenants in 2000. This location includes a warehouse in the same facility as our office.

In 2015, we renovated our space. With a variety of supportive settings, outfitted with Herman Miller furniture, the new space successfully demonstrates Living Office concepts. We did not change the footprint; however, we added a central meeting area with full-height demountable glass partitions and a dropped ceiling. The ceiling height in the overall space is 23 feet, and the ceiling space in the meeting area is 10 feet.

This space includes a Meeting Space and two Coves, all with glass fronts that allow natural light to flow in and keep the sight lines to other areas of the space open.

As in Baltimore and Richmond, we lowered panel heights to allow for more access to natural light and clear sight lines. We also placed people where communication and work flow can happen efficiently.

Support spaces are located throughout the office and in the Library, where there is a full display of Herman Miller fabrics and finishes.