How should our workplaces evolve?

As you explore the best way to help your employees return to the workplace—whether that’s in a traditional office, at home, or somewhere in between—we’re here to help with MORE.

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Giving you MORE

Our experienced team can help you find a solution that best fits your employees, your culture and your space with the right furniture, flexible spaces, and the right technology- all seamlessly integrated into your space.

We can even create custom Work From Home options for your team. Contact us for more information about creative strategies and products to support your organization and create a space worthy of your best work.

Bright Days Ahead

As the future starts to look brighter, we're seeing clearly how the office will always play a vital role in helping businesses grow and thrive. But how do we successfully shift back to working in an office? We brought together a group of Mid-Atlantic business leaders to share priorities, concerns and strategies for getting back to the office. And although there is no “one size fits all” solution, there were many key takeaways from our virtual discussion in our AO Roundtable Recap.

Setting Boundaries

Creating physical and perceived boundaries in your space will be critical to maintaining people’s safety in the workplace.

These quick and readily available solutions, from a number of different manufactures, can help create safety barriers in your space.

Reinvigorate your space!

Let us help you get your space ready for your team. We’ll thoroughly review your space to ensure everything is in working order and give you a list of what needs attention as well as recommendations for improvement.

In the meantime, here's our AO Return To Workplace Guide, packed with helpful information to help you find the best solutions for your organization.

Let’s talk about how American Office can get you ready for what’s next! Click here to schedule a consultation.

Take a Deep Breath

Professional grade air purifiers can effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of contaminants. Surface cleaning only goes so far. This sophisticated technology tackles the toughest germs for a healthier environment.

Learn more about air purifiers for your space.

Financing Options

Upgrade or add to your office furniture now and make no payments for three months. Herman Miller Financial Solutions helps you meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Learn more about 90 Day Deferred Financing.

Embracing a New Reality

Download Herman Miller's guide with strategies and ideas for safely returning to the workplace.